Fire prevention

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Offer of services in the field of protection against fire protection

Subject and scope of services

  • Fire protection technician within the scope of Act No. c. 314/2001 Coll.
  • Fire protection specialist
  • Analyses and documentation of fire protection in accordance with applicable regulations
  • Fire prevention training
  • Fire prevention consultancy
  • Professional inspections of fire extinguishers and fire water supply systems, including complete service, maintenance, repairs including supply of new equipment.
Means of service provision:

1. one-off - on the basis of an order, a one-off service is provided specific service

2. comprehensive – services are provided in the scope of an ongoing contract for the whole year for a flat-rate agreed fee

Reasons for providing occupational health and safety (OHS), fire protection and civil protection services to employees in a comprehensive - contractor-based manner

  • One of the basic conditions for the success of any company in any area of business is taking care of employees. By paying due attention to these areas, a company reduces the possibility of jeopardising people's lives, health and property and, at the same time, positively influences employees' sense of safety and care, which is reflected in increased employee engagement and, ultimately, higher productivity work. It is primarily a matter of carrying out analyses of potential threats and risks, ensuring prevention, training, inspections and the processing of relevant documentation by a competent company for which the above areas are the main focus and has competent and experienced staff. The participation and representation of the company also plays a very important role in inspections by the Labour Inspectorate, the State Fire Inspectorate and others.
  • Occupational health and safety, fire prevention and civil protection can also be ensured in the short term in a routine operational manner in the work process. This way of securing employees - working on risk and believing that nothing can happen is fine until damage to property, health or even lives occurs. This can ultimately mean a serious threat to the existence of the business and criminal sanctions against those legally responsible. Penalties for breach of obligations range up to 30 000 €, in the area of occupational health and safety 15 000 € in the area of fire prevention and 10 000 € in the area of civil protection. However, the competent authorities are entitled to impose sanctions already on the basis of an inspection carried out.
  • ot every company is economically strong enough to be able to to afford a full to employ full-time employees who are competent in all statutory areas. The relevant legislation therefore allows for the above areas to be to be provided by contractors, through an authorised organisation.