Inspections of electric appliances

  • Home Inspections of electric appliances

Services and professional assistance in the following areas of professional inspections and professional tests of electrical equipment (revisions)

In non-explosion hazardous areas (class A) without voltage limitation:
  • Electrical installations of production halls
  • Office space
  • Residential buildings
  • Electrical LV and HV substations
  • Premises for medical purposes
  • Exchanger stations
  • Accumulation plant
  • Electrical parts of cranes and hoists
  • Working machinery
  • Hand tools
  • Electrical appliances
  • Lightning rods
In buildings with explosion hazard (class B) without voltage limitation:
  • Gas regulating stations
  • Paint shops
  • Spray boxes
  • Gas boiler rooms
  • Gas stations
  • etc. including lightning rods
Rectification of defects detected after revisions
Consulting and advisory services:
  • Consulting and advisory services in the field of electricity savings, cost reduction, occupational safety in the operation of electrical equipment, machinery
  • Advisory and consulting activities in the field of reactive energy compensation, proposals of solutions
Management, price offers and calculations:
  • Preparation of price offers and calculations of electrical equipment
  • Elaboration of the environmental protocol and external influences

The work is carried out according to the following procedure:

The regularity of inspections and tests is determined by the relevant technical standards (STN), to view the deadlines for inspections and tests

Company REVIT-NITRA s.r.o. in accordance with Decree no. 508/2009 (718/2002) Coll. The Labor Office of the Slovak Republic offers:

  • Basic professional inspections and tests of el. equipment according to STN 33 1500, STN 33 2000-6-61
  • Regular Professional Inspections and Tests el. of equipment in accordance with STN 33 1500, STN 33 2000-6-61
  • Professional inspections and tests of lightning conductors according to STN 33 1500, STN 33 2000-6-6
  • Inspections and checks of electric hand tools during use in in accordance with STN 33 1600
  • Revisions and inspections of electrical appliances, office equipment ( computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, etc.) during their use in in accordance with STN 33 1610
  • Revisions of electrical equipment of machines in accordance with STN EN 60204-1